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Heavy metal toxicity can produce a variety of symptoms that make you very sick. Douglas Wigton, DO, offers heavy metal testing at Vital Health Scores in Traverse City, Michigan. If your levels are high, he can treat you with chelation therapy. If you’ve been exposed to lead, aluminum, mercury, or other toxic metals, call the office or schedule an appointment online to get tested.

Heavy Metal Testing Q & A

What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals are a type of mineral that has a high density or heavy weight. Examples of heavy metals found in the body include:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Aluminum

If you have high amounts of these metals, you can become ill and experience symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, fatigue, or tingling in your hands or feet.

These symptoms occur because the high levels of these metals in your body displace other essential nutrients, which then affects how your organs and body function.

How did I get exposed to heavy metals?

Heavy metals are found all over the indoor and outdoor environments and can get into your body through your skin, from breathing, or from your diet.

Your work or home environment may be your source of exposure. If you have concerns about heavy metal toxicity, Dr. Wigton evaluates you to assess your risk and conduct heavy metal testing.

What is heavy metal testing?

Dr. Wigton uses a urine test for heavy metal testing. To assess the heavy metal content of your body, Dr. Wigton first gives you a chelating agent.

The chelating agents circulate in your blood, grab the metals, and then get rid of them through your urine. High levels of heavy metals in your urine may indicate toxicity that requires treatment.

Testing your urine may take a few hours, to allow the chelating agent the time necessary to bind with the metals and then process them through your kidneys.

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is a treatment for heavy metal toxicity and similar to heavy metal testing. Dr. Wigton provides the chelating agent, which binds with the heavy metals in your body and eliminates them through your urine to decrease your toxicity levels.

You may need as many as 30 chelation therapy treatments to reduce the heavy metal content in your body. Dr. Wigton continues to conduct heavy metal testing as you go through chelation therapy to make adjustments to your treatment plan.

If you’ve been exposed to toxic metals or have concerns due to symptoms, call Dr. Douglas Wigton at Vital Health Scores or schedule an appointment using the online booking button.

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