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In Michigan, breast cancer is the most common newly diagnosed cancer in women. Catching the early signs of breast cancer can significantly improve treatment outcomes. To assess breast health and risk of cancer, Douglas Wigton, DO, of Vital Health Scores in Traverse City, Michigan, uses breast thermography, a noninvasive screening tool for breast cancer. Call today or schedule an appointment online for your breast cancer screening.

Breast Cancer Screening Q & A

Who needs breast cancer screening?

Most women undergo a breast cancer screen during their annual gynecological exam with a clinical breast exam, which is when the doctor palpates your breast to feel for lumps and tissue abnormalities. You may also do your own breast cancer screening test once a month with a self-breast exam.

Once you reach age 40, you may need to start having regular mammograms, an X-ray that looks for abnormal breast tissue, to screen for breast cancer. A mammogram is a useful tool for identifying abnormalities in breast tissue, but only once a tumor has formed.

To screen for breast cancer before a tumor is present, you may want to consider breast thermography. This screening may be especially useful for women with a family history of breast cancer.

Men have less breast tissue than women and typically don’t require breast cancer screening. However, if you carry the breast cancer gene or have a strong family history of breast cancer, screening may be recommended. Like in women, early detection improves outcome.

What is breast thermography?

Breast thermography is a noninvasive method of screening for breast cancer that uses an infrared camera to capture vascular and physiologic changes in your breast that occur before the development of a tumor. Regular breast thermography may be able to more accurately identify changes in breast tissue, which can trigger a referral for additional testing early.

An abnormal infrared image is one of the best detectors of a developing breast cancer tumor. Blood circulation generates heat, and an increase in circulation to your breast captured by breast thermography may be the early signs of tumor development.

The breast thermography is so sensitive to change that this screening may be able to detect the changes in breast tissue that occur five years before the development of a tumor.

What can I expect during breast thermography?

Breast thermography is a safe and painless procedure. The test begins with a visual examination of your breast. Next, you sit in the exam room by yourself for 15 minutes to allow your breast tissue to reach a standard temperature, so you get the most accurate results.

Once you’re ready, pictures are taken of your breasts, upper chest, and under your arms. Dr. Wigton reviews these images gives his recommendations.

For a noninvasive, safe breast cancer screening you can start at any age, call Dr. Douglas Wigton at Vital Health Scores or schedule an appointment online.

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