Should I Be Screened?


Preventative medicine is the best medicine. Getting a health screening should be a regular practice for anyone. However, the following list describes people who have higher risk factors in everyday life. Getting screened could lead to key discoveries in your health and help you find the right treatment option for you!

Smoker, ever
55 years or older
Diabetic, type 1 or type 2
Family history of cardio-vascular disease
Leg pain, possible peripheral vascular disease
Seeking structural heart analysis prior to physical regime
The Curious, seeking to evaluate and improve their health and well being


Why Vital Health Scores?

A Problem Worth Solving
Patients are disenchanted with a broken healthcare system. Currently there are a considerable number of patients who are paying exorbitant premiums for healthcare that is only providing symptomatic relief of illnesses and actively avoiding the underlying causes of the conditions that present themselves. Patients are desperately looking for true preventative measures to assure themselves that they will not suffer from the diseases of their forebears. When these patients do seek medical help, their deductibles are so high (in the area of $5000) that they find that even standard care is not available to them.

Physicians have their hands tied behind their backs because of a system tied to reimbursement. While we have achieved fantastic advancements in our abilities to examine the human system, these tests can only be done when symptoms are present and only at prices that are so outlandish as to be beyond the reach of all but the rich and famous. Information that the typical practitioner has available, leave them the ability to only manage such things as lipids, glucose, and blood pressure. As a result, their practice is limited to discovery of chronic disease only after it has been established and then to treat it with expensive medications that provide more side effects than relief.

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