Looking Right At It

Many times, one can look right at something, and not see it.  Sometimes, because it is so obvious, transparency becomes part of the landscape.  If the unseen thing is bad, such as damage or inflammation in the carotid arteries in your neck that supply blood to your brain, the ‘condition’ is not appreciated until it manifests itself in vision problems or stroke.  
What do you see gazing upon the landscape of your life?  Smoker?  Blood pressure medications?  Your Father, Mother, or brother or sister, had a stroke and died from complications suffered because of it.  The beast rises from the murk in the form of a silent damage to your arteries.  The administrative state has so injected itself into our lives that personal initiative is sometimes set aside to a state of hibernation.  Health insurance really did not take off until about the 1960s.  Before that time, there was a doctor / patient relationship, such that if help was sought, the patient called the doctor and help was received without respect to organizations administering the visit.  Much was gained, and much was lost.  For a while it worked to a point.  Then government became a malignant force placing the Internal Revenue Service between the doctor and the patient, rendering the system confrontational, impersonal, maligned, and incoherent.  

Vital Health Scores seek to restore that which has been subsumed.  Common sense and personal service, in part, rule here.  We will answer your questions on whether or not your carotid arteries, or aorta, or leg arteries, or heart are functioning as they should.  And, if they are not, or are in risk of reaching a point of dysfunction, we will reveal this and discuss with you possible ways and means to place the risk where it belongs.  Don’t wait.  If you’re a smoker, diabetic, hypertensive, overweight, older than 50, have leg pain or a family history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, contact Vital Health Scores.  Your doctor a fine person, but YOU are your best physician.​

Mark Zemanek Technical Director, Vital Health Scores

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